Technology and Relationships

10 03 2010

In issue 113 of The Lavender Lens, I wrote an article on the role technology plays in relationships. In addition to my own personal experiences, the basis of this article was input from my Facebook friends. Not all of my Facebook friends live locally, so I am including a link to the scanned article.

Here it is: Technology and Relationships – Nested Lez – Lavender Lens

Thanks everyone for your input and help!

Part two will be published in the next edition of The Lavender Lens.

New Year with a New Perspective

10 01 2008

I can’t believe it is January 2008 already. Well, we’ve made it through another whirlwind of the holidays. I hope everyone had a great holiday season.

Because it is January, I have been thinking a little about resolutions for the New Year. I have decided that I don’t like the thought of resolutions since so many statistics discuss how many New Year’s resolutions are broken before the end of January. No, instead I am going to plan out some goals for the year. I can work with goals. I know it may just seem like I’m dealing with semantics here (and maybe I am), but truthfully I think having the right attitude is half the battle. Read the rest of this entry »

Welcome to Nested Lez Online

14 08 2007

Hello and welcome to my blog. If you are a reader of San Diego’s Lavender Lens magazine then you are most likely (hopefully) familiar with my monthly column Nested Lez. If you are unfamiliar with this column, allow me to give a brief overview.

I write a monthly column for the free monthly lesbian and friends magazine called the Lavender Lens. In my column, I tend to discuss issues that are geared more towards the “nested” lesbian. By this, I mean Read the rest of this entry »