Personal Plea to Vote NO on California’s Prop 8

17 10 2008

I have highlighted the importance of voting NO on California’s Prop 8, but today I want to share a personal email that I sent to my family and friends. No matter where they lived (from California to New Jersey to Japan), my friends and family received this email. While it is very important to spread this message to Californians, I think that everyone should be aware of the situation (and given a chance to help).

Hello My Friends and Family.

As I am sure many of know, I rarely send out mass emails asking for anything (other than the occasional “hey I wrote these articles” emails). Typically, I don’t try to solicit donations or speak my mind on politics. Since this is so out of character for me, I hope you will understand how important this issue is to me and will at least take a moment to read through this email.

Julie and I became legally married in California on July 12, 2008. Although we had considered ourselves married for five years, the day was still very special to us. It represented the fact that we were one step closer to equality. You see, even with a legal marriage in California, we are not afforded the federal rights and privileges associated with marriage. The federal government still views us as second-class citizens, which is why I said we were “one step closer to equality” and not equal. But I digress.

On the California ballot this November, there is a proposition that is trying to create an amendment to the State’s constitution to ban same-sex marriage. That’s right, the sole purpose of this proposition, Prop 8, is to REMOVE rights from people. In fact the wording of the initiative is “Changes California Constitution to eliminate right of same-sex couples to marry.” (Yes, I bolded “eliminate right.” It’s not written in the proposition that way.)

The proponents of Prop 8 are trying to scare people into voting for the proposition. Some of their false claims include:

  • Schools will be forced to teach elementary school children about gay marriage. (First off this is a lie. Secondly, would that be horrible? God forbid a child be aware that gay people can marry.)
  • Churches will lose their tax-exempt status. (Again, not true)
  • The best situation for a child is to be raised by a married mother and father. (Studies show that children of gay parents tend to have a higher level of self esteem because they know that they were a wanted pregnancy – there are no “happy accidents” that lead to childbirth in a marriage between two men or two women.)
  • People can be sued over personal beliefs. (California’s laws already prohibit discrimination against anyone based on race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. This has nothing to do with marriage.)

Unfortunately, with strong financial backing, the backers of Prop 8 are flooding the airwaves with deceptive ads. The NO on 8 campaign has created and aired their own ads, but they do not have the same funding available to them and cannot get their message to as many people without more funding.

Although times are not the most economically stable right now, Julie and I have made donations to both NO on Prop 8 and NO on Prop 102 (a similar measure in Arizona).

Whether you live in California or elsewhere, I am asking you to please visit the NO on 8 website ( and/or the Equality California website ( Read what this proposition is trying to do. While you are on the websites, if you want to help defeat Prop 8 and protect the rights that Julie and I are so desperately trying to keep, please make a donation. If you donate on before midnight Sunday night [October 19, 2008], you can have your donation doubled. Please, I know these are tough times, but even a donation of $1 could help.

I would love to think that we can all donate money, but I know that it is not always possible. If you can’t donate (and even if you do donate), I ask that you PLEASE VOTE NO ON PROP 8 if you live in California. If you live in Arizona, vote NO on Prop 102. If you live in Florida, vote NO on Prop 2.

Wherever you live, please spread the word. In all of these cases, we are NOT talking about GAY rights; we are talking about HUMAN RIGHTS. Please support my (and Julie’s) rights.

You have all seen Julie and I together, do you really think that our relationship is tarnishing marriage? Thanks for reading through all of this and thank you for being a part of my life.

Amy (and Julie)



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