Letter from Betty DeGeneres – Support Gay Marriage

10 09 2008

I am on the email list for Equality California. It is a great way to stay updated on the fight to keep same-sex marriage rights in California. If you aren’t on their mailing list, I strongly encourage you to join.

In an email that I received today, there was a message from Betty DeGeneres (yes, Ellen DeGeneres’s mom). In case you are not on the mailing list, I wanted to share the email with you and encourage you to make a donation to help Equality California and to vote NO on Prop 8. Here’s Betty’s letter:

Dear Amy,

As a mother, it is a wonderful gift to share in the love and joy of your child’s wedding day. The excitement, anticipation and happiness are overwhelming.

I once believed I would never have the opportunity to be a part of such a special day with my daughter, Ellen.

But as I’m sure you’ve already heard, Ellen married the love of her life, my daughter-in-law, Portia de Rossi nearly one month ago. They had a stunning, intimate ceremony with family and close friends. Complete with beautiful decorations, their favorite roses, candlelit table and incredible cake. It was a magical evening.

Just like every parent who wants what’s best for their daughters and sons, I want Ellen and Portia to have all the happiness that comes with marriage, to care for each other, protect one another and be there for each other in times of greatest need.

Unfortunately, some people would like to take away my daughter’s right to marry the one she loves. And that, quite simply, is wrong.

So, I’ve made a gift to Equality California’s Wedding Registry in honor of Ellen and Portia to help defeat Proposition 8. This November ballot initiative would hurt so many loving couples and their families by taking away the right to marry from same-sex couples. Please join me by supporting the NO on 8 campaign. Make a donation today so all loving couples can marry.

Every parent should know that their daughters and sons have the choice to marry. And every mother should have the opportunity to be a part of their child’s wedding day. With your help, we can make that happen. Donate now to fight Prop 8.


Betty DeGeneres

P.S. Please remember to vote NO on Prop 8 on November 4 and ask your friends and family to do the same.



4 responses

10 09 2008
18 09 2008
Christopher N. Sagasaki

Oh my gosh… seriously guys, gays are not getting ANY rights taken away from them, other than a piece of paper stating marriage!! As domestic partners, the California Family Code states they share all the rights as married couples. So why is this such a big deal for non-gays? Because we risk a cascade of lawsuits, stemming from things like refusal to marry gays in churches, refusal to perform sex-changing surgeries on gays by religious doctors, and even refusal to photograph a gay wedding. I’m not out to attack gays. But I personally would like to practice my religion freely without risking it being torn apart by those who would want me to believe differently.

19 09 2008

I’d like to hear some news in the press about Ellen contributing to the fund. Brad Pitt made news with his large donation, why haven’t we heard Ellen donating a vast amount in honor of her same-sex marriage?

I wonder if Ellen’s original LGBT fight during her sitcom days has scared her into a political corner.

24 09 2008
Mary Lou

Did you know that the LDS AKA Mormons are helping this to pass. Thewy are telling there members that gay marriage is eveil and this rgiht od gays to marry is evil and must be stopped.

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