New Year with a New Perspective

10 01 2008

I can’t believe it is January 2008 already. Well, we’ve made it through another whirlwind of the holidays. I hope everyone had a great holiday season.

Because it is January, I have been thinking a little about resolutions for the New Year. I have decided that I don’t like the thought of resolutions since so many statistics discuss how many New Year’s resolutions are broken before the end of January. No, instead I am going to plan out some goals for the year. I can work with goals. I know it may just seem like I’m dealing with semantics here (and maybe I am), but truthfully I think having the right attitude is half the battle.

People make resolutions and jump right in. In many cases, once there is a slipup the resolution is out the window. For example, someone may have a resolution to give up regular soda. So, in her mind, she has determined that she will not drink regular soda. If she is overcome with the desire for a Coke or Pepsi and drinks it, she feels as though she wasn’t determined enough and the resolution has been broken. However, goals tend to come with plans. Even more important, well thought out goals come up with backup plans and support systems. Maybe if she had the goal to give up regular soda by May 1st, she could have planned how she would cut back a little each week in order to make a transition and reach that goal. She may also work with her friends to get encouragement to have one less soda a day – maybe they will decide to try for the same goal.

So, what are my goals this year? Well, some are still in the planning phase, but there is one that I am ready to tackle – better upkeep of this blog.

I have been thinking about things to say on this blog many times over the last few months, but as you can see, I never got around to posting any. Sadly, my last post was October 23, 2007 and it was basically just passing along some important information that I had received from someone else.

I thought about why I created this blog and if it was something I wanted to keep doing. I realized that it is important to me. I want to keep in touch with the community and sometimes I wonder if writing a column once a month in the Lavender Lens is enough. I have made myself a voice for lesbians in the community who have settled down – nested – with the woman of their dreams. Not everyone that I am trying to reach is able to get the Lavender Lens every month. Also, why not invite other nested couples outside of San Diego a chance to chare in this voice.

So my goal for this year is to write on this blog at least as often as the Lavender Lens is published (which is once a month). My hope is to find the time and the topics to reach out at least twice a month, but I realize that I need to build to that. It’s a reasonable goal and very attainable so I believe I can do it. I hope you join me on the journey.

Here’s to a wonderful 2008!



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